Will  Davis

The Trainers

Lilly Davis

Lilly Davis was trained in body psychotherapy by The Radix Institute in Los Angeles California. She also trained in Functional Analysis in France. She is a certified trainer in both disciplines. Previous to her body psychotherapy training she was a counselor in a residential drug center in Munich, Germany.

She is a member of the European Body Psychotherapy Association (EABP), the European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP) and the French Federation of Psychotherapy (FFdP).
She has a private practice in Southern France and occasionally trains in the Functional Analysis training programs.

Will Davis

Will Davis (1943) is an American with more that 30 years experience in the psychotherapy field. He has a psychology degree and was trained by Charles Kelley in neo-reichian Radix work. He also has trained in encounter groups, Gestalt Therapy and in various alternative healing methods. In the past 25 years, he has been practicing and training all over Europe and before that worked in America and Japan.

Will developed Functional Analysis which is based on understanding the functioning of the life force. He is considered one of the major researchers in the fields of the functioning of the instroke and of the plasmatic origins of early disturbances.

He developed the gentle release technique of Points&Positions and combines that with a unique synthesis of verbal therapy. He offers trainings based on the self-organizing and creative movement of the instroke of the pulsation.

His interest is in the functional approach to therapy which he interprets as the meeting place between Reich's energy concepts and recent research in biology and physics with a focus on the energetic qualities of connective tissue and its direct role in psychosomatic healing. His current emphasis is developing a theory of self development within body psychotherapy that is based the idea of the self as the organizing agent of development.
Published articles in book form as well as in various professional journals, most notably in Energy and Character, are available in the “Articles” section. Various articles are available in German, Italian and French.

He is a member of: the International Advisory Board for the Journal of Energy and Character, the Advisory Board of the International Journal of Body Psychotherapy, the Scientific Committee of the Italian Society of Psychologists and Psychiatrists, the European Association of Body Psychotherapy . He has also taught as a guest trainer in other various programs.

Giovanni Colombo

Giovanni Colombo (La Spezia, Italy, 1963) is a Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Certified Radix Neo-Reichian Therapist, Supervisor in the Radix Training in Italy 1995-96, Trainer and Supervisor in the FA Training in Italy from 2003, Trained in Chinese Micromassage and Cranio Sacral Therapy, Since 1990 works in private practice as Psychotherapist, holds Teaching Groups and Lectures for Psychologists, Psychotherapists